Intellectual Property Law


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Intellectual Property Contract Preparation

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Construction Law

Litigation in Federal & State Courts

If you Need Excellent Intellectual Property Law Advice, You’ll Really Enjoy Working with Andy

Andrew (Andy) Zulieve has practiced intellectual property law of over 25 years. He believes that a proactive approach to the legal needs of your important business helps avoid brush fires or worse later.  Fostering meaningful relationships with clients is both an essential and extremely gratifying aspect of Andy’s practice.  He enjoys and takes great pride in his clients’ successes.  Andy is a thoughtful lawyer who always seeks the most expedient, efficient and cost-effective approach to any given legal matter.  Andy loves living and working in Maine and the outdoors. In the rare times he is able to steal away from the office, you’ll find him sailing, fishing or hunting.

Experience Matters

Andy has over 25 years of experience in all non-patent areas of Intellectual Property Law.   During law school, he was a law clerk for Finnegan Henderson, one of the world’s largest intellectual property firms headquartered in Washington, D.C.  During his tenure at the United States Trademark Office he successfully argued cases before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. He also spent several years as a state prosecutor so he understands all aspects involved in the judicial process.

Over the years, Andy’s practice has  evolved organically.   Listening to his clients needs, today his practice includes areas of law that naturally complement his intellectual property expertise.  Owning a business is hard and unfortunately, may require the intervention of an experienced litigator with a firm grasp of the judicial process.  When litigation becomes necessary, Andy applies the same powerful, thoughtful and individualized approach to achieve winning strategies for his clients.

“After Twenty Five Years, I still like Being a Lawyer.”

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